How can we use technology to make education more efficient,
more accessible and more interesting?

The TU20 Cup is a multi-month event focused on motivating youth to get involved with technology and business. Teams of 2-6 students will work with the help of a mentor to innovate a solution using technology relating to the yearly theme, in advance to the day of the event.

When the date comes, teams will present a 5-minute pitch of their project to a group of judges. Then follows a 5-minute Q&A period, where the judges will review the project based on specified criteria, and award prizes to the top 3 teams. The event also includes a community tech demo and a networking session.

Prizes That You Can Win

1st Place

8 week Summer Co-lab session (worth 10k!) Your team will receive guidance and mentorship
from the brightest in Halton as a way to turn your proof of concept into a real product.

2nd Place

Your team will recieve interviews with any 6 Silicon Halton Employers for paid summer internships.

3rd Place

Your team will recieve a workshop with two judges from the TU20 Cup of your choice on how to improve your product.


Microsoft Offices – 1950 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 8L9

Date and Time

Saturday 9am, March 10, 2018

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We are a supportive and helpful tech/business community of youth under the age of 20. We are a division of Silicon Halton
– the grassroots technology community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in Halton.